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Coraid is data storage management software designed with cost, flexibility, and efficiency in mind. Coraid turns the traditional storage pricing model on its head by separating hardware from software, freeing users to purchase whatever hardware they choose, new or used, and significantly reducing cost. This freedom allows infinite chassis and drive configurations so each EtherDrive box fits the perfect capacity and performance needs of its situation. By using streamlined code over light-weight ATA-over-Ethernet, Coraid squeezes every ounce of performance out of drives so that you can get great performance even from your ancient HDDs. Combined with a cloud-like management portal and full suite of APIs, Coraid is perfect for any storage neeed.

Coraid supports and expands classic Coraid systems. When Coraid, Inc. went out of business in 2015, the leadership team reached out to Brantley Coile, Coraid,Inc.’s first CTO and SouthSuite founder. Because the company left 1,700 customers without support, they offered Coile the opportunity to purchase his IP, the original Coraid product line. Thus began a new chapter in Coraid history, providing support, updates, and build specs for Coraid enthusiasts. Learn more at

About the Founder, Brantley Coile

Brantley Coile stumbled on programing in the 70s when he enrolled in an elective Statistics and FORTRAN course as an undergrad at the University of Georgia. His first program was written on punch cards, and once it ran there was no looking back. Programming became his life’s passion. After cutting his teeth in the tech industry, he invented Network Address Translation and developed the PIX Firewall, which was acquired by Cisco Systems in 1995. He went on to invent the ATA-over-Ethernet Protocol in 2005, a lightweight method of networking storage. It was this invention that led to a storage company called Coraid, for which he served as CTO until 2013. In 2014 he founded SouthSuite, Inc, a software-only storage company with the aim to develop ATA-over-Ethernet for the modern data center with all its cloud storage needs.

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